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local mArguments --initialize lazily local yesno = require('Module:Yesno') local mHatlist = require('Module:Hatnote list') local mHatnote = require('Module:Hatnote') local p = {}


from the frame

--uses capitalized "For" to avoid collision with Lua reserved word "for" function p.For (frame) mArguments = require('Module:Arguments') return p._For(mArguments.getArgs(frame)) end


but takes a manual arguments table

function p._For (args) local use = args[1] local category = if (not use or use == 'other uses') and (not args.category or yesno(args.category)) then category = end local pages = {} function two (a, b) return a, b, 1 end --lets us run ipairs from 2 for k, v in two(ipairs(args)) do table.insert(pages, v) end return mHatnote._hatnote( mHatlist.forSeeTableToString(Template:Use = use, pages = pages), {selfref = args.selfref} ) .. category end

return p