Mother Sayamagyi

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Sayamagyi Daw Mya Thwin (Mother Sayamagyi) was Sayagyi U Ba Khin’s foremost disciple. She practised and taught with Sayagyi from 1953 until his demise in 1971. Mother Sayamagyi continued to teach at IMC Rangoon (Yangon) until she and her late husband, Sayagyi U Chit Tin, left Burma (Myanmar) in 1978 to fulfil Sayagyi’s aspiration to teach meditation to the people of the west. Travelling and teaching all over the world for 30 years Mother Sayamagyi has established Centres throughout the world including five Centres each with a Pagoda for meditation. Mother Sayamagyi now resides at IMC UK teaching regular courses as well as travelling to other Centres.