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Naksansa or Naksan Temple is a Korean Buddhist temple complex in the Jogye order of Korean Buddhism that stands on the slopes of Naksan Mountain (also called "Obongsan Mountain"). It is located about midway between Sokcho and Yangyang, Gawngwon Province, eastern region of South Korea. Naksansa is one of the few temples in Korea to overlook the Sea of Japan (East Sea).

Naksan is an abbreviated term of Botarakgasan (補陀洛伽山) in Korean to refer to "Potalaka Mountain", the place where the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is believed to live. Thus, Naksan Mountain is regarded as Korea's Potalaka Mountain. The Bodhisattva is said to live on a sea-bound island along with guardian dragons. Naksansa is regarded as one of the great eight scenic areas in the Eastern region of Korea, known as "Gwandong Palgyeong" (관동팔경).