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Nararatana Rajamanit, Chao Khun (Tryk Dhammavitakko) (1898-1971). Prior to his ordination, Chao Khun Nararatana was a member of King Rama VI's personal staff, and was so trusted by the king that he was given the rank of Chao Phraya — the highest Thai rank of conferred nobility — when he was only 25. After the king's death in 1926, he ordained at Wat Thepsirin in Bangkok, and remained a monk until passing away from cancer in 1971. From the year 1936 until his death, he never left the wat compound. Even though the wat was one of the most lavishly endowed temples in Bangkok, Chao Khun Nararatana lived a life of exemplary austerity and was well known for his meditative powers. He left no personal students, however, and very few writings.

Buddhist publications

An Iridescence on the Water, by Chao Khun Nararatana Rajamanit (Tryk Dhammavitakko), translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (1997; 14k/4pp.)