Nevada Buddhist Vihara

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The Nevada Buddhist Vihara today is located 2040 Abels Lane, Las Vegas. Abbot Bhante Subuthi's monastery moved from a rented house in central Las Vegas to Northeast Las Vegas where it is today. The Nevada Buddhist Vihara owns the current land and building.

A benefator donated the current facility.

From the 'About' page at their website

Nevada Buddhist Temple is non-profit organization that benefits not only the Buddhist community in Las Vegas but also the visitors who seek to learn about the Buddhist philosophy. Nevada Buddhist Temple is the main religious precinct in the Las Vegas. We welcome all those who are of different religious denominations, and we believe that you could be exposed to Buddhist philosophy while maintaining your religious faith. Those who belong to other religious denominations will get the opportunity to compare and contrast different religious faiths while become knowledgeable about Buddhism.

To obtain such knowledge and tranquility Nevada Buddhist Temple can be considered the most appropriate venue. Nevada Buddhist Temple was established in the year of 1998. Since the inception, the Temple became a guiding light to all Sri Lankans and other well wishers due to the untiring dedication of its Chief Incumbent Venerable Alawala Subhuthi ably assisted by Ven. Dunukeulle Dhammaratana.

In December 26th, 2004 tsunami, the greatest natural disaster in the history took many lives of Sri Lankans destroying life, property and livelihood in the maritime provinces. It was the Nevada Buddhist Temple under the leadership of Ven. Subhuthi along with the expatriate Sri Lankans and American and other well wishers who took the initiative to launch a massive humanitarian operation collecting non-perishable food items, cloths, household items and medicine for dispatch to the distressed Sri Lankans affected by the deadly Tsunami.

All these years of the operation of the Nevada Buddhist Temple, the epicenter of Vegas-domiciled Sri Lankans fraternity, it periodically holds and sponsors religious ceremonies, Dhamma discussions, religious rites and other events that attract even Nevadans of other denominations.

To enter a serene atmosphere with immense tranquility, peace and exposure to rich cultural practices, Nevada Buddhist Temple can be considered an ideal center for both Buddhist and non-Buddhist. The exposure to an erudite impression gives anyone who enters the Temple awareness of cultural richness in the Asian region especially Sri Lankan. Exchange of ideas and opinion help any visitor to gain additional knowledge of cultures that are alien to many. The interaction at the Nevada Buddhist Temple, we assure you, will mould one’s life. Donations are appreciated to maintain the temple for the benefit of Buddhist community.