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Pacceka-buddha: an 'Solitarily Enlightened One'; or Separately or Individually =pacceka Enlightened One renderings by 'Silent' or 'Private Buddha' are not very apt. This is a term for an Arahant see: ariya-puggala who has realized Nibbana without having heard the Buddha's doctrine from others. He comprehends The Four Noble Truths individually pacceka independent of any teacher, by his own effort. He has, however, not the capacity to proclaim the Teaching effectively to others, and therefore does not become a 'Teacher of Gods and Men', a Perfect or Universal Buddha sammā-sambuddha. Paccekabuddhas are described as frugal of speech, cherishing solitude. According to tradition, they do not arise while the Teaching of a Perfect Buddha is known; but for achieving their rank after many aeons of effort, they have to utter an aspiration before a Perfect Buddha.

Canonical references are few; Pug. 29 defin.; A. II, 56; in M. 116, names of many Paccekabuddhas are given; in D. 16 they are said to be worthy of a thūpa dagoba; the Treasure-Store Sutta Nidhikhandha Sutta, Khp. mentions pacceka-bodhi the C. Nidd. ascribes to individual Paccekabuddhas the verses of the Rhinoceros Sutta Khaggavisāna Sutta, Sn. - See bodhi.


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