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Prof. Padmasiri de Silva was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Peradeniya,Sri Lanka, and has held visiting positions at a number of universities, and is Research Associate in the School of Historical Studies, Monash University. He is author of many books on Buddhist psychology and ethics. In 2005 Palgrave MacMillan published a new 4th edition of his Introduction to Buddhist Psychology, first published in 1979.

Buddhist publications

  • The Psychology of Emotions in Buddhist Perspective, by Dr. Padmasiri de Silva (Buddhist Publication Society "Wheel" Publication No. 237; 1976; 67k/18pp.)
  • "The Spell of Narcissism and the Anatta Doctrine," by M.W. Padmasiri de Silva (From Buddhist Publication Society Wheel Publication No. 202; 1984)
  • Introduction to Buddhist Psychology, 4th edition. Palgrave MacMillan.