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Paṇḍakas, in the Vinaya Atthakathā these are classified as being of five types:

  • 1. āsitta-paṇḍaka: — (literally, a "sprinkled one") a man who finds sexual fulfillment in performing fellatio on another man and bringing him to climax. (For some reason, other homosexual acts, even though they were known in ancient India, are not included under this type nor under any of the types in this list.)
  • 2. usūya-paṇḍaka: — a voyeur a man who finds sexual fulfillment in watching other people have sex.
  • 3. opakkamika-paṇḍaka: — A eunuch - one who has been castrated.
  • 4. pakkha-paṇḍaka: — A half-time paṇḍaka - one who is a paṇḍaka only during the waning moon.
  • 5. napuṃsaka-paṇḍaka: — A neuter - a person born without sexual organs.

(Ven. Thanissaro's translations of these terms)

Of these five kinds, the first two may ordain as bhikkhus, the other three may not. So, given that the āsitta-paṇḍaka —the type closest to what we call a "homosexual" today— is permitted to ordain.