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Piya Tan (b. 1949) is a former Theravada monk of 20 years, is doing an annot­at­ed translation of the early Pali Suttas, harmonizing between the histor­ic­al critical method and Dhamma moved inspiration, and teaching them. Piya specializes in early Buddh­ism and its application today. His Sutta translations are espe­cial­ly popular with the forest monastics.

In the 1980s, working closely with Dr Ang Beng Choo, project director of the Buddh­ist Studies Team (BUDS), Piya was consultant and regular lectur­er. BUDS success­fully intro­duced Buddhist Studies in Singapore Secondary Schools.

After that, he was invited by Prof Lewis Lancaster as a visiting scholar to the University of California at Berkeley, USA. He has written a number of educational books on Buddhism (such as Total Buddhist Work) and social surveys (such as Buddhist Currents and Charisma in Buddhism).

As a full time Dhamma teacher, he runs regular Sutta and Dhamma classes at various temples, centers and tertiary Bud­dhist societies. He practices Buddhist counseling therapy using a combination of Forest Insight meditation and Sutta based psy­cho­logy.

Piya often critically writes on contemporary Buddhist related issues, and often speaks out against the misinformation, mis­use and abuse of Buddhism. He sees Buddhism as a human­istic and life affirming way to spiritual awakening, and has great faith in gaining it in this life.