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Sacca: 'Truth'. - 1. On the 'two truths', conventional and ultimate, see paramattha.

2. 'The Four Noble Truths' ariya-sacca are the briefest synthesis of the entire teachings of Buddhism, since all those many doctrines of the threefold canon are, without any exception, included therein. They are: the truth of suffering, of the origin of suffering, of the ceasing of suffering, and of the 8-fold path leading to the ceasing of suffering.

  1. The 1st truth, briefly stated, teaches that all forms of existence whatsoever are unsatisfactory and subject to suffering dukkha.
  2. The 2nd truth teaches that all suffering, and all rebirth, is produced by craving tanha.
  3. The 3rd truth teaches that ceasing of craving necessarily results in ceasing nirodha of rebirth and suffering, i.e. Nibbana
  4. The 4th truth of The Noble Eightfold Middle Path magga indicates the means by which this ceasing is attained.


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