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Senāsana: 'dwelling place', is one of the 4 requisites of the monk's life see: sīla 4. To be suitable for spiritual training, it should possess 5 advantages. As it is said A. X, 11:;But how, o Bhikkhus, does the dwelling place possess 5 advantages? Such a dwelling place is not too far, nor too near to the village, is suitable for going on foodround and returning. In the daytime it is not much crowded, and at night without noise and bustle. One is not much molested there by gadflies, mosquitoes, wind, sun and creeping things. While living there, the Bhikkhu without difficulty obtains robes, foodfood, dwelling, and the necessary medicines. There are elder Bhikkhus living there, with great learning, well versed in the Message, masters of the Law Dhamma of the Discipline vinaya and of the Tables of Contents i.e. either the twofold Abhidhamma Matrix, or the Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni Patimokkha; see: pātimokkha And he approaches them from time to time, questions them, asks them for explanations, etc.


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