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Shōhō-ji (正法寺, Shōhō-ji?) is a Buddhist temple of the Ōbaku school of Buddhism in Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is a branch temple of Mampuku-ji in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture. The temple has many aspects of the Ōbaku school, but its building style and sacraments are in the Chinese style. Additionally, its much larger than the normal Japanese temple. The temple's official name is Kinpōzan Shōhō-ji (金鳳山正法寺).

The temple was first established in 1638, but did not join the Ōbaku school until 1692. In 1790, Ichū (推中), the 11th head priest, began planning the construction of the Gifu Great Buddha out of respect for Tōdai-ji's Great Buddha in Nara. Ichū never saw the completed Buddha, as he died in 1825. The Great Buddha was finally completed in 1832.