Sister Sumedha

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Sister Sumedha born in 1973 in Leicester, England but spent most of my childhood either in the north of England or in the Western Isles off the north west coast of Scotland.

From quite early she was interested in spiritual life and first visited Amaravati when she was 15. During that visit she read some of the teachings of Ajahn Chah.

They made a strong and lasting impression. At university she studied Comparative Religion and through this recognized she needed to be practicing more fully. Her first step was through thangka painting, a practice she still continues. She returned to Amaravati in 1998 and worked as librarian, eventually ordaining as a Siladhara in 2004 with Luang Por Sumedho as her preceptor.

One thing that has inspired her in studies and thangka painting, and motivates her, is the wish to acknowledge and really honor a deeper source of life. She has stated, "The potential we have as human beings to become fully conscious and use our lives for transformation is something I love and am grateful for the opportunity, teaching and support to explore."