Somdet Phra Nanasamvara

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HH Somdet Phra Ñanasamvara (1913- ). HH Somdet Phra Ñanasamvara was born in Kanchanaburi Province, about 130 kilometers northwest of Bangkok, in 1913. At age thirteen he became a novice and in 1933 he received the higher ordination. On going back to continue his studies in Bangkok he was given new ordination as venerable Bhikkhu Suvaddhano, with the Supreme Patriarch Vajiranyanavong as Preceptor, at Wat Bovornives Vihara the next year. After furthering and completing his Dhamma and Pali studies to the highest grade (grade nine), he succeeded venerable Chao Khun Phra Brahmamuni as abbot in 1960. He was awarded the ecclesiastical title of Somdet in 1972 and has held various positions in the administration of the Thai Sangha. He was made supreme patriarch of Thailand in 1989.

Buddhist publications

A Guide to Awareness: Dhamma Talks on the Foundations of Mindfulness by Somdet Phra Ñanasamvara (Venerable Suvaddhano Bhikkhu, HH the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand), translated from the Thai by Bhikkhus Ariyesako and Kantasilo (1997; 389k/100pp.)