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Sunita was a highly accomplished disciple of the Buddha. He was born in a very poor family who had next to no food and was an outcast whose job was to gather flowers from shrines and throw them away:

People found me disgusting, despised me, disparaged me. Lowering my heart, I showed reverence to many.

Sunita was eventually ordained by Buddha himself:

The compassionate Teacher, sympathetic to all the world, said: "Come, monk." That was my formal Acceptance. Sunita practiced night and day Buddha's instructions and became a full Arahant which is the highest saint category, he was granted this status by Brahma and Indra themselves who bowed down to this saint:

Then, as night was ending & the sun returning, Indra & Brahma came to pay homage to me, hands palm-to-palm at their hearts: "Homage to you, O thoroughbred of men, Homage to you, O man supreme, whose fermentations are ended. You, dear sir, are worthy of offerings."