The Zen of Golf

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Golfing requires much concentration. One of the most famous golfers, Tiger Woods, is a Buddhist. He practices the Middle Way. Instead of hitting the ball on the top, or the bottom, he hits the ball in the middle. We call this the Middle Way.

Many critics from all over the world will confirm that golfing is one of the most peaceful sports ever played. You need to have a lot of peace in your mind to play golf. If you have an angry man play golf, he'll break the ball with the club and may even kill you, if you're standing nearby.

Tiger Woods credits his ability to stand the stress of playing golf on his powers of concentration, one article on the famed golfer says. Woods says: " mean, your concentration is so high, so keen. Because all this pressure's on you. Your senses are more heightened. Everything seems to flow better. It's a great feeling," he explains.

You get the point. Start golfing. Now.