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The altar at Maha Bodhi Las Vegas of Vipassana Foundation

Vipassana Foundation was founded in 2000, by David N. Snyder, Ph.D. and Woinishet W. Snyder

Vipassana Foundation was a non-profit organization devoted solely to the dissemination of the Buddha’s Dhamma and charitable activities that help in the spread of Buddha-Dhamma around the globe and the alleviation of suffering everywhere. Vipassana Foundation and the author of Right Understanding and Buddha's Lists did not make any profit or income from any sales.

The Vipassana Foundation was a non-profit organization, approved by U.S. tax code 501(c)(3) in 2006. No donations were ever requested or solicited as all costs for the websites were contributed by the author. After all of the books were distributed to people who placed orders and donations of books given to temples, Dhamma centers and prisons; the organization was dissolved. It exists only informally now, not officially, since all books have been sold out with all books available online now in free pdf book formats.

Buddha's Lists

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The organization sold the book The Complete Book of Buddha's Lists--Explained, published in 2006; for shipping costs only. The hard copy print books sold out in June of 2009 and then went online as a PDF download completely for free, no shipping and printing costs for Vipassana Foundation or purchasers as it can be read online as a free e-book. See the link below under references.

Closer to truth

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In December 2015 the e-book (online, free) Closer to truth was published, a short 31 page book / booklet.

Founders and Funding

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David N. Snyder, Ph.D. and Woinishet W. Snyder are the founders of Vipassana Foundation and Dr. Snyder is also the author of Buddha's Lists. They provide all of the funding needed for the maintenance and operation of the functions of Vipassana Foundation.

Maha Bodhi Las Vegas

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Vipassana Foundation holds Dhamma events at the private home of Dr. David N. Snyder and Woinishet Snyder with the name Maha Bodhi Las Vegas. The property, websites and other Dhamma related activities are all in private name, not this or any other charity name and no funds are solicited as all are paid by the owners. At the center there are souvenir replicas of the Maha Bodhi Temple and a 37 foot high Maha Bodhi Temple replica on the grounds (11.3 meters).

Websites Vipassana Foundation operates