Vipassana International Academy (Dhammagiri)

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Vipassana International Academy (Dhammagiri):

Meditation System: As taught by S.N. Goenka. In a ten day retreat, meditators begin by undertaking the Five Precepts of moral conduct as the basis for their practice. They work to concentrate the mind by focusing on the natural breath at the nostril. Once sufficient concentration is established, they proceed to the technique of Vipassana proper: They explore their mental and physical nature by moving attention systematically throughout the body, dispassionately observing the physical sensations that occur. This ever-deepening introspection sets in motion a process by which past conditioning of the mind is eliminated layer by layer. The course concludes with the practice of Metta Bhavana, the mental sharing with others the benefits meditators have gained by their practice.

Intensive silent retreats are open to the general public. The usual course format is ten days. There is no charge for the teaching. Donations are accepted from participants only to cover room, board, and other operating expenses. Most courses are conducted by authorised assistant teachers.