Walking meditation

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In the Four Foundations of Mindfulness discourse by the Buddha he talked about meditation in many postures and included walking, standing, and even lying down.

During the walking meditation periods at many Dhamma centers you can continue sitting if you like or continue the meditation with walking. Walking meditation is done in the “rows” of the hall, horizontally. Choose a position in the hall on one side and walk back and forth in a straight line in that row. You walk at your own pace by yourself in your row. Walking meditation is done at a slower pace than normal walking. This is to strengthen our mindfulness of each step or movement. Place your awareness to each step or if you can to each movement of lifting, moving, and placement of each foot.

As with all types of meditation, maintain awareness and equanimity. Notice the sensations of each movement of your feet and body and maintain a balanced mind to these sensations.

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