Wat Florida Dhammaram

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A Maha Bodhi Temple replica on the grounds of Wat Florida Dhammaram

Wat Florida Dhammaram (Thai: วัดฟลอริดาธรรมมาราม) is a Theravada Buddhist monastery in Kissimmee, Florida, established by Lung-po Chaokhun Phra Tepvaraporn (Im Arindhamo) in the mid 1990s. Over a decade ago, Lung-po visited lay devotees in Florida and perceived the lack of a Buddhist monastery in the Central Florida area. With approval from the late abbot of Wat Sommanat Vihara, Chaokhun Somdej Phra Wannarat Chop Thitadhammamahathera, he began fund raising in Thailand. In 1993, three monks were sent with Prakrupalad Sunnan (now Chaokhun Phra Vijitrdhammapani, the present abbot) to establish and further the development of Wat Florida Dhammaram.

  • Address: 2421 Old Vineland Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746
  • Tradition: Theravada, Thai (Dhammayut Nikaya)
  • Affiliation: Wat Sommanat Vihan, Bangkok Thailand
  • Website: http://www.watflorida.org
  • Spiritual Director: Than Chaokun Sunnan (Phra Vijitrdhammapani)

Sacred sites

At Wat Florida Dhammaram there are replicas of all of the four major pilgrimage sites including a Maha Bodhi Temple replica, the stupa at Sarnath (first teaching), Maya devi temple (birth place), and parinibbana temple (Kushinagar). The replicas of the sacred sites including the replica of the Maha Bodhi Temple were completed in 2004.

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