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Wisdom Publications, a well-known publisher of Buddhist books, originated in Delhi during the late 1970s under editor Nicholas Ribush. Its first publication was Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa's Wisdom Energy. The publisher began formal operations in London in 1983 (after several years operating out of the Manjushri Institute), with Jeffrey Hopkins' Meditation on Emptiness (1983) as an early perennial. It moved again to Boston in 1988, under director Timothy McNeill. The press offers both academic and popular Buddhist literature from all traditions of Buddhism, as well as translations of classic Buddhist literature. Especially noteworthy are its encyclopedia-style project, the 32-volume Library of Tibetan Classics (developed by Thupten Jinpa, English-language translator for the Dalai Lama); and the Teachings of the Buddha series of translations of the Pali Nikayas.

Pali Canon

Under the Teachings of the Buddha series, Wisdom Publications has been on a campaign to provide a more modern, easier to read version of the Pali Canon. To this date, four of the five Nikayas have been re-translated and a summary version of the Anguttara Nikaya has been published too. The Tipitaka (Pali Canon) is approximately 20,000 pages and 40 volumes. Other books on the Pali Canon and the commentaries are also available.

The primary translator Wisdom Publications has used is Bhikkhu Bodhi, who has done an excellent job at providing an accurate translation which is very easy to understand for the modern reader. He also provides excellent introductions and footnotes and insights into the scriptures of Buddhism.

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